July, 2009 - Linda Thompson, President, President, Life Path Solutions, Inc. , Author, Host of AuthorWebTV
In "Why?," Mr. Khera answered a lot of questions I've had my entire life. He offers the reader a fascinating descriptions of the differences between organized religion and spirituality. This book is a fantastic reference for those seeking information about the different religions across our planet. If all humanity could set aside the prejudices imposed upon them by organized religion, and focus on the spiritual aspect of why we are here and what happens next, the world would be a better place. Mr. Khera helped me to understand this in a much deeper way than ever before. For those wondering what happens next, after we take our last breath in this body, this book may offer some insight. It certainly brought about a sense of calm and set aside all the fear I have had about my eventual departure from this life. This book is amazingly easy to read, yet provides great depth to the question I'm sure we've all asked at some point, "Why?" As host of AuthorsWebTV.com, I've had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Khera about "Why?" and I thank him for introducing me to his marvelous book.

May, 2009 - Chicago Sun Times

Why?: Answers to life’s most important question

As the subtitle of this book says, "why" is one of the most important questions we ask of ourselves. Why is there war? Why do children die? Why are there terrorists? And, because of our own beliefs or the core beliefs passed down for generations, we sometimes struggle to find the answer.

Mandeep Khera, in "Why?," gently encourages us to look within to discover the answers ourselves. Throughout his book, Khera explains many fundamental concepts that often prevent us from going to higher levels of consciousness because of our own mis-understandings.

Through explanations, history, dialog, stories, and charts, Khera explains the beliefs within major religions and the roles they play in society, Destiny, Karma, God, as well as how to communicate with the Divine. He also delves into reincarnation, life beyond earth, and the parallel universe. In the end, Khera gives us "Thirteen Steps to a Contented Life." However, as Khera explains, and I agree with him, we cannot live a contented life unless we fully understand "why" incidents occur and "why" we handle them the way we do.

"Why?" by Mandeep Khera is an important book for those that are struggling with a religion, for those that have the perpetual question of "why?" and for those that want more to life than they have now. Khera’s explanations are very easy to understand and apply to one’s own life. Timely, and well written, "Why?" is one of those books you will refer to when you start doubting yourself, or your beliefs.

Why?: Answers to life’s most important question
Mandeep Khera
AuthorHouse (2008)
ISBN 9781438910307
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (5/09)

November, 2008 - Reviewed by Kam Aures for RebeccasReads
Why? Answers to Life’s Most Important Question
Mandeep Khera
Author House (2008)
ISBN 9781438911977

Have you ever wondered why certain events occur? What causes things to happen to
certain people but not to others? How is it that a young child can die in an airplane crash
but a convicted murderer can live to a ripe, old age? Why do some people fall victim to
natural disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis whereas others remain untouched?
What are the reasons behind these events? Are they random? Are they pre-determined?
Are they destiny? Why did God cause these things to occur, or did he?
These and other questions are at the heart of Mandeep Khera’s book “Why? Answers to
life’s most important question.” The book has lofty goals, as stated in the Prologue, as it
“is intended to provide readers with the meaning of God, religion, death, life, happiness,
the power of positive thinking, a parallel Universe, and other thought-provoking
concepts.” The author attempts to address some of these issues providing us with
insight of both a religious and scientific nature.

When I first read the main concept of the book I was a little skeptical as to how someone
could expect to answer such important questions, especially in a book as compact as one
with only 140 pages. However, once I began reading the book, I really enjoyed the
thought-provoking discussions of these issues as well as the act of looking at certain
issues from different viewpoints other than my own. Khera makes many good points and
has some very convincing arguments as to why he has come up with the answers that he

The author’s writing is very clear and flows smoothly. “Why?” is a book that the average
person will be able to read and comprehend. Khera illustrates his points with examples
that we are all familiar with and can easily relate to. I think that anyone can benefit from
the majority of the advice that he gives, particularly the “Thirteen Steps for a Contented
Life” at the end of the book. “Why? Answers to life’s most important question” is an
excellent book that will stimulate your mind and provide instruction on how to live a
more happy, positive life.